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Becoming Kumoten Supplier

Online retail opportunity in South East Asia is worth a whopping

 Kumoten provides a platform to allow product suppliers to reach a growing number of online retailers in Malaysia and very soon to the South East Asia Region. This also means, Kumoten opens up new business channel opportunity for all manufacturers and suppliers.

 The market size for online shopping or e-commerce is estimated to be at least RM5 billion in Malaysia alone. This figure is growing year on year.

Who can be Kumoten Supplier?

We are looking for consumer products manufacturers as well as suppliers who have ready stock in Malaysia and/or the markets that we distribute to.

In particular, we are looking for fast moving consumer items which we can deliver quickly to consumers via postal service such as courier.

How to be Kumoten Supplier?

To sign up, please fill in this form. Our Supplier Management team shall be contacting you within the shortest time possible to go through the details with you.