Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kumoten do ?

If you are selling online or planning to start an online business, you will need products to sell. But buying those boxes of stocks is risky business, more so if you need to manage the inventory, packing and deliveries. It is crazy.


Kumoten allows you to jump start and manage your online business without having to worry about keeping stocks and managing product delivery. In Kumoten, you can choose what to sell from our online catalogue. You can choose to sell on social media, your own website or even any e-commerce sites which you have an account with. Once your buyer makes a purchase, you only need to let us know the item name, quantity and where to deliver. Moreover, there is no minimum order quantity from us. We deliver even if it is only one item.


We have teamed up with some of the best suppliers worldwide in order to create an attractive line of products, thousands of products ranging from fashion, cosmetics, car accessories, toys and more are offered for you directly on Kumoten.


The best part is Kumoten does not take any commission from your sale. You decide your selling price and your profit margin. You only buy from us at distributor price.

What is dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a sales fulfilment model. In this model, you outsource the product sourcing and stock keeping to Kumoten. You only focus on selling and marketing the products. You pay Kumoten at wholesale price once someone buys from you. Kumoten will deliver the item to your buyer. This model allows you to operate your online retail business easily and risk free.
What are the benefits of using Kumoten’s services?
- Selling high demand products without actually stocking or shipping products
- Never worrying about an item not selling and inventory pilling up. You only pay for what you sell.
- Access to the hottest name brand products from our huge inventory catalogue to sell on your store.
- Risk-free online business creation and management.
- Focusing on the important stuff that you do best: Generating traffic and sales.
How much does it cost to use your service?
- Dropship sign up fee is FREE OF CHARGE.
- ZERO admin charge for credit deposit.
- Kumoten does not take any commission on your sale. You decide your own profit margin.
- Risk-free online business creation and management.
- You pay only for what your customers purchased.
- You pay wholesale price even if you order 1 item.
How and Can I export the products information and images?
Kumoten provides you all the products pricing, delivery cost, product descriptions, images, specifications and features, you are free to use and present the information in your website. After browsing the product catalogue and choosing your desired products, you can copy and paste the items onto your site.

You will receive delivery tracking code from the delivery company to track the delivery.

Dropshipper can also login to the dropshipper page to see purchase history and performance.

Do I need to buy the products before I sell them?
NO. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging & shipping, inventory management. All this is taken care for you so you can focus on generating traffic to your store and selling the products.
Is there any limit on the amount of products I can select from Kumoten?

There is no limit to the amount of products you can download from the catalogue to your store.

Do you guarantee that all the products are always in stock?

We monitor, adjust and update our products stocks and units on a daily bases, we also use safe levels in order to make sure products will be available for you. However occasional changes due occur and when appropriate, we contact our partners regarding any change in stock or alternatives.

Must I follow the Retail Selling Price (RSP) stated in the product page?

In your site you are free to sell our products at the price you think is best. We state the recommended RSP so that you have a clearer picture how much others are selling.

Where can I sell?

You may sell anywhere online, including the following:

Platform    Example
E-commerce Site    Lazada, 11street,, Ebay, Amazon, etc
Social Media    Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Google Plus, Blog etc
Web store    Your own website with online shopping cart
Do I need to sign any agreement?

Once you register with us, you can overview our Terms & Conditions section along with the User Agreement during the sign up process.

Can I decide the selling price of the products?

There is a SSP (Suggested Selling Price) stated for each item. Nevertheless, you can choose the selling price, make sure you are not too much above the market to remain competitive!

When & How do I have to pay for the products I wish to sell?

All payments for purchases shall be deducted from Dropshipper's account. Dropshipper should ensure there is sufficient balance in the account before making any purchases and delivery orders.

How do I know if I have enough credit in my account?

Your account balance information can be found in the Dropshipper page. Go to Dropshipper login. The account information is displayed in the dashboard.

What do I do when I get an order?

Login to your Dropshipper account. Go to the product catalogue and select the items you wish to deliver. Upon check out, please fill in the delivery details accurately. And that’s it! Kumoten will take care of the rest. Learn More

Can I Track Orders?

Each delivery comes with a tracking code by the delivery company. You may track the delivery status using the tracking system provided by the delivery company.

How long does it take to deliver?

Product orders from Dropshipper submitted before 12pm shall be packed and ready for delivery on the same day. In such cases, and if the destination is located in Malaysian major cities, the parcel is estimated to arrive within 48 hours unless stated otherwise in the product description page. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances which may delay the product delivery.

Product shipped from our international warehouse will be processed and shipped out of the international warehouse within 24-48 hours. In normal situations, parcel will arrive Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, UK within 7-9 days. Shipping time table, Shipping method are listed on the SHIPPING information tab on every product page. Tracking code and tracking website will be issued within 24-48 hours from time of order.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the order provided the cancellation request is delivered before the order is shipped at 12pm same day. The cancellation request shall be sent by e-mail to: [email protected] An Administrative charge of RM10 or 5% of the item value, whichever higher is applicable for each cancellation request.

How about GST?

All our prices are inclusive of GST. Click here

What is your return policy? Does the package include Kumoten Brand/ logo?

The packaging shall be generic packaging without Kumoten brand /logo. Packages will contain the key information required for delivery, customer details, shipping address, etc. Some Brands will arrive with their original brand logo name packaging.

Can I have my own logo/brand name on the packages?

At the moment we do not provide private or white label logo branded packaging.

Help! Item is suddenly Out-Of-Stock! - updated 30 March 2017

Calm down, this happens when we least expect as well. Do contact Lisa at our WhatsApp number: 019 331 0990 for an updated stock check or some ideas of an upgrade should the item be out of stock.