Need More Products On Your Lazada Store?

Buying and keeping stocks is risky business. Now you can start your online business with thousands of products without buying or keeping any stocks.

Kumoten has more than 100,000 products (the list still growing everyday!) ready to be delivered anywhere in the world including Lazada Malaysia, Lazada Singapore, Lazada Thailand, Lazada Vietnam and Lazada Philippines. As Kumoten Dropshipper, you will get the following:

  1. Complete and good quality product descriptions complete with lifestyle images
  2. Professional Product Photos compliant with Lazada quality requirements
  3. Recommended Retail Price
  4. Special Shipping For Kumoten Dropship

The best part is you can choose as many products as you like and it is FREE. No registration fees, no annual fees. No limit on how many product you want to choose.

Fast & Easy Dropship to Lazada

How it works?


  1. Easy Select and Sync product info from Kumoten to your Lazada store.
  2. Auto stock balance update every hour. 
  3. When you receive order from Lazada, system will automatically fulfil the order. No need to copy and paste customer order details.
  4. Systematic Tracking ID Management
  5. Free access to more than 100,000 SKUs.
  6. No limit on how many items you can select and sync to Lazada.
  7. No need to pay us anything until you receive order for the item. 
  8. Pay only for the item you sold. Wholesale price even one unit.
  9. No minimum order requirement.
  10. We pack and deliver directly to your customer. 
  11. Customer will not know item fulfilled by Kumoten. 

Activate Kumoten Now

  1. Get your Lazada API Key . Login to your Lazada Seller Center. 
  2. Login to Kumoten here Login To Kumoten
  3. Activate Lazada Easy Dropship go to Integration, select Lazada. Fill in your Lazada account details and save.

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