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Product Code : TT-GX-1603-B

Dropship Price: RM 86.75

Retail Price: RM 143.88        Profit : 40%

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Buy Aggressive Gosome Inline Skates With Confidence!

Skate Size: L Size 38-41 (Age from 10-14 years old)

This Gosome Inline Skates are adjustable through 4 sizes (eg. 34, 35, 36 and 37) which allows your kids to grow into the skate! By having this Inline Skate, parents will not require to buy new pair of Rollerblade every year. Playing with this Inline Skate Roller is a fun and easy way for kids to stay active. 

-      Design: Sporty  Inline Skate Roller

-      Color: Blue (Size, 38-41)

-      Materials: Strong Aluminium Wheel Holder Frame, High Flexibility and Wearable PU wheels.

Designed with thicker comfortable inner cushion, and breathable mesh materials allows sweat to flow out easily for provided maximum comfort for your kids while playing. With adjustable safety lock, stronger magic pad and widen shoelace holder for your kids safety purpose while playing.  A removable “quick stop” single heel breaks will allows for safe stop. Inline Skate Roller work best on flat and smooth surface. Let your kids enjoy get rolling with this awesome Inline Skates from Gosome Brand. 

Saiz kasut:  L saiz

Biarkan anak–anak anda berseronok dengan kasut roda murah jenama Gosome Inline Skates ini. Gosome Inline Skates dapat memberikan keseronokan dan mudah untuk kanak-kanak bermain dan juga beraktif. Kasut roda ini boleh dilaras kepada 4 saiz yang membolehkan kanak-kanak yang cepat membesar untuk menggunakannya. Dengan adanya kasut roda ini tidak memerlukan ibu bapa untuk selalu membeli kasut roda baru bagi setiap tahun.

Disamping harga kasut roda yang mudah, ianya direka dengan kusyen yang tebal,  dan mempunyai ruang untuk kaki bernafas bagi menyediakan keselesaan maksimum untuk anak-anak anda semasa bermain. Dengan mempunyai kunci keselamatan laras, pad ajaib kuat dan pemegang tali kasut dapat meningkatkan keselamatan anak anda ketik bermain. Mempunyai ciri  "berhenti cepat" pada tumit yang boleh ditanggalkan dan dipasang semula (rujuk pada gambar kasut roda) membolehkan berhenti dengan selamat.  Inline Skate Roller in boleh berfungsi dengan baik pada permukaan rata. Boleh dibeli di kedai kasut roda Kenjuntoys atau kedai online disini.

Location Cost
Peninsular Malaysia RM  12.40
Sabah & Sarawak, International RM  19.55

Country Estimated delivery (Working days) Online Tracking Availability Shipping Company
US 7-10 Days 2 Days America Line1/中美专线(IB)
Canada 7-15 Days 2 Days E post/国际E邮宝
UK 7-10 Days 5 Days British priority mail/英国专线(HQ-Y)
Australia 5 - 8 Days 2 Days Australia priority mail/澳大利亚专线(UBI)
New Zealand 10 - 25 Days 1 Days Sweden surface mail/瑞典小包平邮(B)
Japan 10 - 25 Days 1 Days Sweden surface mail/瑞典小包平邮(B)
Germany 7-15 Days 3 Days Germany priority mail/德国专线(HQ-D)
France 7-12 Days 5 Days French priority mail/法国专线(HQ-C)
Italy 7-12 Days 2 Days Italy priority mail/意大利专线(BRT)
UAE 10 - 35 Days 5 Days Sweden surface mail/瑞典小包平邮(B)
Thailand 7-8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail/东南亚专线(LWE)
Vietnam 7-8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail/东南亚专线(LWE)
Brunei 15-35 Days 5 Days 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro/4PX新邮经济小包
Singapore 7-8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail/东南亚专线(LWE)
Indonesia 7-8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail/东南亚专线(LWE)
Philippines 5-10 Days 2 Days AU priority mail2/中澳专线(TOLL)

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Product Return Policy


In what condition do we accept product exchange and/or refund?

Kumoten dropshippers are allowed to return products within 14 calendar days from shipment date under the following circumstances:
a.) Manufacturing defects.
b.) Kumoten delivered the wrong item.

Product return policy and procedures

(a) Stay Calm and Contact Us. In the event of customer complaint and request for return or refund, please stay calm and contact our Whatsapp Customer Service team at 019-3310990 or support@kumoten.com. Our support team available Mondays - Fridays, 9am - 6pm .

(b) What do we need to verify that the item is allowed for exchange or return? In most cases, we will need your help to get a few photo or video (handphone standard is sufficient, no need studio photography. ) of the item, show us where is the problem and we will get it processed. Off course, we will need to know the order ID too.

(b) (i) How to send the item back to us. Once our support team confirms the return, we shall send you a digital consignment note (Pos Laju). Retailers shall be required to inform the buyer to print the digital consignment note and paste it on the return parcel. We will arrange PosLaju to pick up the item from your buyer’s address. If your buyer prefer us to pick up the return item from another address like their work place, please let us know too.

(ii) How to pack the return parcel. Please remind your buyer to ensure that the parcel has all the items including the packaging in it. Make sure the parcel is not see-through and well sealed. Paste the consignment note on the parcel.

(c) Exchange or Refund? We suggest you try to ask whether buyer accepts product exchange as first option. In any case, you and your buyer shall have the option to either get refund for the item's amount paid as stated in the sales order, or product replacement (same SKU). However, in the event where the particular item is out of stock, Kumoten shall refund the amount to you (dropshipper) and you liaise with the buyer.

(d) How long does it take? The product return or refund normally takes about 7-14 working days to complete. But it take two to tango, we need to work as a team to resolve the issue. Help us get the necessary information and Kumoten will try our very best to shorten the process.

(e) Communication with buyer. Kumoten does not liaise with end users. We need your help to liaise directly with your buyers because they know you.

(f) Delivery cost. Delivery cost for returning item shall be borne by Kumoten if you follow the procedure of using our digital consignment note. Kumoten shall also bear the cost of sending the item back to the buyer.

(g) Buyer from countries other than Malaysia. The verification process is similar to Malaysia-to-Malaysia returns. Kumoten will still bear the return cost if it meets the Product Return Policy requirements. The only difference is we will use other courier service company and the process will take up to 30 days depending on buyer location and stock availability (worst case scenario). In the case of refund, we shall refund in the same currency in which you paid Kumoten.

Refund or replacement will not be applicable for the following situations:

a) Original packaging missing

b) Any item that has been worn, or altered.

c) Used items (for cosmetic and other personal items such as under garments, adult toys)