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What Kumoten members are saying:

Hi, I am Juliana from Ipoh. I started doing dropship with Kumoten since November 2017. My sales boost up ever since I started selling on Shopee. I just synced as much product as I can where I have more than 5,000 products available in store. It really helps me to generate more income. Now I believe the theory of 'Sync more, Earn more'. Thank you Kumoten!

Ms Juliana - Perak

Here's how Kumoten works

Step 1

Select product

Step 2

Sync product details to Lazada/Shopee

Step 3

Customer buy from you in Lazada/Shopee

Step 4

Kumoten deliver the product direct to your customer

Kumoten Dropship is your Best Partner

Malaysia's Largest Dropshipping Platform

  • You only need to handle sales & marketing. We handle product sourcing & fulfilment.
  • Unlimited access to more than 100,000 products.
  • All products detail complete with images & description.
  • Easy product details upload to Lazada & Shopee.

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Powerful Dropship Automation

  • Easy to integrate with Lazada & Shopee.
  • Easy One Click Product Sync.
  • Automatic product stock update.
  • Automatic Lazada/Shopee order fulfilment.

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What Kumoten members are saying:

We have been using Kumoten Dropship to Lazada since June 2018. Our Lazada sales have grown from zero to more than five figures. We only select and sync to Lazada feature everyday and everyday we have sales. It is very easy to use and low risk.

Mr Lim - Penang

Everything you need

Features which make running your dropshipping store a breeze

Over 100k Products

More than 100 thousands products to explore from fashions, to computer gadgets, and even hardwares!

Wholesale Prices

All of our products are wholesale price, even if it is just for one product!

Free Access

No extra or additional charges are included in our system, absolutely FREE!

No Minimum Order

We do not limit the amount of order. We will deliver even if it is one product.

Easy To Use

With our automated dropshipping system you can sit back and enjoy while your orders come in.

Low Risk

You don't need to keep any stock. You only need to pay for the product once the consumer confirms and pays for it.

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No Registration Charge. No Annual Fee.

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