How to get sales without breaking the bank? Step #1: Use Kumoten's 1-20-600 Method

Back in 2016, the unit at Kumoten had the opportunity to speak with one of our sellers in regards to their sales. 

Let's paint a picture, we just introduced the Sync Function and we were trying to get as many feedback as possible to possibly improve on the system. After a short while, we came across to a user who has been selling on Lelong for years and had recently used our system to increase the number of product in his website. 

Our conversation went like this: 

Kumoten Admin(KA): Any ideas on what can our users do to improve the amount of sales in their website? 

Dropship Agent(DA): Why i want to share my secret? Later everyone would start using it. 

KA: That's understandable. I agree as well to not let anyone know and jack up my sales in return for theirs. But do you have any pointers or advise that you may be able to share with them about how to sell online? 

DA: Well for starters, keep uploading items in your store. Don't upload 200 products in one day and expect a sale to come. You need to keep uploading. If you're uploading 200 products a day, keep uploading 200 products the next day and into the next. 

KA: Sorry, I don't quite understand. Do you mean, if everyone is uploading a certain amount of products a day, they can increase their sales?

DA: Generally, that's the gist of it. I follow a simple rule which I call the 1-20-600 rule. To get 1 sale a day, a person must work and upload 20 or more products a day and maintain a 600 or more available products selling in your store. 

KA: Why 20 Product Upload?

DA: That's the amount I am comfortable with. That's the amount I am comfortable uploading every day.

KA: I see, then why 600 available products or more is recommended? 

DA: 600 is the amount you will get once you reach Day 30 if you have uploaded 20 items consistently per day. It also gives an awesome look to your store if you actually have 600 or more items. 

KA: Ohhh. *lightbulb appears* Do you really take 1 hour a day to select items? 

DA: Select only. To upload and to follow the marketplaces csv template takes a bit longer. But yes, plan your uploads on a daily basis, you should be able to fit that into 1 hour of day right? 


Okay so technically, a lightbulb did not exactly appear out of thin air. It was a figurative speech. :P

Anyway, back to business. 


'Is this right? Can this tip actually guarantee me sales on a daily basis by just doing this simple thing?' is what you may ask. NO. This strategy does not guarantee success but it does show you that you do not need to break the bank to get your items featured on the front page. 

To clarify, this is a matter of opinion so we cannot confirm that this method will work for you and your business or promise you sales on a daily basis. Treat this like a sharing session and hopefully you may find a strategy that can suit you better. 




But to prove this theory, we went and asked one of our other sellers to do this as well, coaching her on how to sync and edited the product titles to make it stand out more and recently we got back in contact with her and showed us her dashboard. 

Since she started in September 2016, her sales has increased by RM1000.00 in December 2016. It's only getting higher as the month of January just started out and already, the weekly sales mark is impressive. For one previous week only, she managed to achieve almost RM800 in sales, that's RM100++ a day by just spending 2 hours! That is an amazing accomplishment for only 2 hours of work a day. 

But can you repeat the same method and product this result? We cannot guarantee it, but if you are selling on any Online Marketplaces and a Kumoten Dropship agent, we do recommend to give this method a try. 

Till next time!