5 Reasons to keep check on Inventory 

You are an Entrepreneur. Kumoten provides a platform for all aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own online businesses without the need to keep stocks and only focus on sales. Many have found success using this platform and some may have not. But that's okay. Everyone is on a different path, so keep grinding and stick to your lane. Once the smoke clears up, the lane looks more and more reachable. But before you reach that stage, there are areas in your online business that you would need to master. For instance, stock take or inventory. It is a stressful and ultimately boring task to do as it takes hours or even days to finally finish counting all the stock. But behind this daunting task is a very thin set of silver linings. Here are 5 reasons why you need to keep check on your inventory.

1) Sync system stock updates only on an hour interval

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If you are one of our hardcore dropship agents, you would have definitely grabbed the chance to enable the easy sync system with Lelong.my or 11street. Yes our system does update once an item is out of stock but it will only reflect in your system after every hour. Yes that 1 hour window is most definitely scary for some. Hence, we are advising everyone to check some of your hot selling items on a daily basis and mark your item as sold out or pre-order available as quickly as possible. 

2) Clear your inventory

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You've synced and synced and synced items to your marketplace and what does that do? You end up with 80% sellable items, 10% hot selling items and the other 10% is not moving. When we say not moving, it means you only have 1 to 2 sales of it in one month. Remove that unsellable items and leave more space in your online marketplaces to sell other items. Don't be an online store hoarder. 

3) Create more sales opportunity

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Does that frying pan sells more than 10 units a week? How about adding more value to the product. Insert a spatula for an additional RM5.00. Extra cash? Checked. More sales? Checked. All you need to do is edit the image and add an extra item to your main image. That's it. 

4) Be more focused

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When we say get focused, get your categories in order. The smart watch category is working better? Maybe it's time to increase your product upload. Remove unsellable or unmoving products and get yourself focussed on 1 or 3 categories. It makes it easier to keep track of your stock and free up some listing space in your marketplace.  

5) Promoted items

Everyone knows that we have a monthly special on items. Some even go for a year (FASMO for all Fashionable Items. *hint*). Many of our dropship agents would definitely benefit from this. Who wouldn't like to save on shipping fees? Got some items that are up for specials this month? Stock check time! Check out more on our Promotion Page by clicking here

That's it! Pretty simple right?

Now why did we mention the importance of checking your stock take? Be Sure you have a Sync system to your 11street or Lelong.my store and it will check for you. The reason behind this is to familiarise yourself with Kumoten Dropship Hypermart. You have all bought and sold items from us to be delivered to your customers and you would have experienced this scenario where the item can be ordered and placed online but when you come to our site, it is sold out. What happened?!! Remember, you are one of our thousands of sellers online vying for the item. The chances of another dropship agent purchasing the same item is high.  Take note as well that the sync system has a delay in real-time stock updating which means it only updates once every hour. It's a system we are in the midst of improving so sit tight.

But the sale has already been made? But your site says it's out of stock. What can I do now?

Calm down. Our team is here to help. The first thing to do is to contact our support team via WhatsApp from 9am to 6pm on Monday to Friday or email [email protected] for after hours and we can try to assist you to find out if there is any more of this stock left. If there is none, offer your customer another alternative or another item (prices are dependant on the new product). But do contact us for support on an up-to-date check on your sold items today! Click the image below to contact us through WhatsApp and say 'Help! This SKU code XXX is out of stock, do you still have any?'