Create More Traffic to Your Store with Free Shipping Option

Face it, 

You need to be a little bit more daring and edgy when it comes to online selling. It has been discussed way back in the beginning of when we first started the company.

'How would people be able to enjoy the sales coming if every single person is selling the same thing in the digital market?' 

This is where the strongest survive. If you are still selling on a daily basis then you are one of them. If you're not, don't worry. You will get there. 

Let's get this started, We will be having promotions on items where we will provide some free shipping coupons. Here, we'll guide you through how you can insert a special 'Free Shipping' option on Lelong to get more attractions. First off, choose your preferred items that you want to insert a 'Free Shipping' option on. We will be using the Fashion category as an example as we will be having a 'Free Shipping' option for this until 31st December 2017. 

Select the Fashion items you want to enable Free Shipping on. The goal is to to transform this listing to a 'Free Shipping' product. 

This is the end result

How do we achieve this effect? Here's a guide. 

1) First sign in to your account and select the product. Click the edit button to edit. 

2) Simply scroll below to the Shipping/Payment Section and adjust the 'Who Pays' line. Example below

3) Save the product. Your listing should have this by now

4) Keep repeating for other items! Thats it! 

Now everyone can do this.

But it still asks the question, 'How would people be able to enjoy the updated edits if every single person is selling the same thing in the digital market?'

Now everyone would put this on their sites right? WRONG! Here is what separates the strongest from the weakest. Even if they follow suit with editing one item, people are not going to edit their whole system. Call it "lazy" or "not enough time", there are mountains of excuses we've come across over the years. Now there are no guarantees that you will find success doing this but we believe success is built by laying a strong foundation on a consistent basis. So plan your day by editing 1 to 5 products and maybe more during the weekend. It will come.

If everyone is doing the same thing, doesn't that mean you have to create a new method from scratch and hope and pray it will work? NO! You do the same thing, only better. 

People are inserting the 'Free Shipping' button on the product list? Good! You put it on the the product title like this "[FREE SHIPPING] LONG SLEAVE ROUND NECK MALE PULLOVER SWEATER" so that is the first thing people see. Already done that? Have you edited or updated the main image with a free shipping button on it? No? What are you waiting for? 

Use any free online software and set yourself apart from other listings. Here's an example of an edited image of the same item. 

Simple right? Your listing should appear like this now. 

The only difference is that i mirrored the image and added a 'Free shipping' note on it. Small edits and additions are what it takes. As long as it does not compromise the product image itself and people are still able to relate to the image, you are fine. This is one of the most simplest ways for you to update your store differentiate from others.

It does take time and we are not going to lie.  But with free resources already provided for you through our PM, Emails and WhatsApp number as well as information on our website are all readily available, all you need to do is invest your time to make you stand out. 

Simple right? Have you gotten your API Lelong Webstore Plus activated yet? Contact us at +6019 331 0990 to find out how you can get your API key activated or email us at [email protected]