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What is MyStore?

MyStore is a bridging system for users to connect their Kumoten account to either their Lelong or 11street account.

How does it work?

Make sure you have a special API Keys from your Lelong or 11street account and simply insert those numbers in your Kumoten Account. 

How to get API Keys?

Please refer here:

a) 11street

b) Lelong

Why MyStore?

We use this specifically so that users are able to view their recently synced items in their account. This is to prevent double syncing.

Users are also able to immediately edit the price before they sync items to their 11street or Lelong account. 

Product quantity will also be updated once a day. But we would still recommend asking our WhatsApp hotline should you have any doubt on our product quantity.

View MyStore

Login here: https://www.kumoten.com/customer/mystore